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6 hotels in 6 cities



A total of 156 rooms are available. Built in trendy, chic and modern design, highlighting the local elements and ornament that echoes the heritage ambience. The use of wooden material for the furniture will make you feel that you are in Tanah Parahyangan. A truly smart, unique, and stylish combination.

In every floor, at the end of each corridor is designated to be an open area. So the guests can enjoy how the fresh air from Bogor flowing into the corridor. This makes the hotel environmentally friendly, while they minimize the use of air-conditioner in the corridor.

Deluxe Room

Number of rooms: 60

Size of the room: 22m2

Deluxe Balcony Room

Number of rooms: 84

Size of the room: 22m2

Executive Suite

Number of rooms: 12

Size of the room: 44m2